Saturday, December 17, 2011

Motel Holiday Horror

Our friends at Roarprawn are taking a well deserved pre-Christmas break without the benefit of a corporate expense account and are making their way around the country under their own steam.

Social media has allowed us to tag along for the ride and we were particularly interested to view the choice of digs when the Roarprawn possy stopped off at a Kaikoura motel:
"Its a place probably built in the 70's and its bloody tired.  Now we don't really mind tired but we don't abide grubby and this one is grubby."
Eww! Doesn't sound like a promising start...
"We have with us some precious cargo - a mate who owns a lobster exporting company gave us over a dozen cray tails for xmas.  so a fridge is good. I unpacked them and put them in the fridges freezer and as i closed the door it fell off. Landed on my toe..  it hurt. but i could not help laughing.  the sheets are clean but the toilet would be a great centrepiece in a horror movie of the genesis of some alien life form.

So we wont be back. But like all good holidays the bad experiences are all part of the trip."
While social media allows shared vivid descriptions on travel experiences, pictures leave nothing to the imagination - From the toilet of horrors, broken-down fridge and those depressing white painted block walls.

The lesson here is that if you go away on holiday and pay sub-$100 tariff, you'll probably end up in a bed where you will be unwilling to remove your clothes;-)

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