Sunday, April 22, 2012

BDO's Apoligetic Plastic Bag

One of the advantages of being biased and opinionated is that you can easily ring fence entire groups of people that you can adopt a default healthy skepticism with anything that they they do and say.

Whilst you can never take anything for granted, any communication from school teachers, councilors, politicians, Green Party supporters and other non-producers should always be given extra scrutiny.

Another sub-set that we need to be wary about are those that identify themselves

Whilst basic accountancy should underpin most business decision making, it has to be appreciated that socially inept accountants offering opinion have a tendency to suck creativity and fun from any space that they are permitted to inhabit. The worst thing imaginable is to have more than one accountant on a board that governs a private company. Any more and the company will soon loose its edge and customers will inevitably evacuate in droves after becoming disconnected...and bored.

The trouble with accountants is that they take everything so literally. Everything to them is in black and white and they have a natural desire to overcomplicate, over analyse and never trust natural business instincts.

As an example, have a look at the plastic bag (pictured below) that has been supplied by accountants, BDO that turned up at our motel this week.

This plastic bag has been obviously produced after a group of BDO accountants locked themselves away in a darkened room for 48-hours and tried to come-up with the perfect client giveaway. After discounting the more obvious branded calculators, pens and card holders they decided a client gift should prove to be practical and they unanimously agreed on a branded plastic bag so their clients could bundle together important financial paperwork and effortlessly carry it around.

The trouble is that plastic bags may be seen to be politically incorrect and BDO that promotes mumbo-jumbo new-age triple bottom line accounting amongst its services, decided that they would need to exhaustively explain themselves. In red lettering printed on both sides of the bag.

The end result is an hilarious abomination of silly hand-wringing, eco-apoligist, corporate responsibility bullsh*t.

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