Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Qualmark Stiffed By Hackers

I see that Qualmark NZ's website was hacked last week in an act of cyber terrorism.

Potential travellers searching for New Zealand quality rated tourism products were subjected to online offers to buy viagra and cialis.

This is embarrassing for an image conscious organisation that is fighting for credibility and relevancy in the tourism industry. This serious security breach will require a reasonable amount of scarce funding to be diverted to resurrect the website and beef up security.

To their credit, Qualmark were reasonably quick to advise their quality assured operators in a newsletter email blast and have taken the site offline while they work on it in the background. 

Unfortunately the fall-out will continue for some time, as any current Google search relating to Qualmark will bring up dozens of individual pages in the search results with cached descriptions that boldly offer various male enhancement products.

Maybe Qualmark could use this as an opportunity to start quality assessments on products that treat erectile dysfunction?

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