Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bob's Tour Of Australia

I've no doubt that the "Bob Thinks Big" campaign that is intended to attract more Aussie tourists into Christchurch will be praised for being a social media success.

After all, those that get out there and promote tourism (with other people's money) are seen to be public-spirited, far-sighted and innovative.

Many Kiwis will feel nostalgic seeing Bob Parker peacocking in front of the camera again and his Rhys Darby inspired sidekick provides some muted understated humour....but will the Aussies get it?

I couldn't help thinking, while watching the YouTube promotion trilogy, that a holiday in Aussie, while Christchurch rebuilds...would have been nice.

And looking behind the scenes, it's interesting to note the difference between Bob's plush designer mayoral office and that of his Aussie counterpart's featured in the video. OK, Christchurch may have a few more people for a mayor to lord over...however I'm sure that there wouldn't be too many folk that would mind if Bob emulated the more somber and austere tastes displayed in the mayoral office at Goulburn Australia (population 21,000).

While it's nice to think that Bob's comical tour of Australia will win the minds of Australians looking for a holiday destination, I couldn't help thinking that maybe his efforts should have been best focused back home.

Maybe if Bob stayed at home and focused on rebuilding necessary infrastructure and ensured that his council's bureaucracy didn't impede private landowners rebuilding efforts....that this would've attracted more long-term visitors to the region?

But that wouldn't have been the basis for a cool social media campaign...

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