Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour Alternative

Last night's testing of the lights we have assembled for "Earth Hour" went well!

The smug and insidious Earth Hour is just about upon us.

On Saturday from 8pm, hippies, enviro-activists and other associated loonies around the world will turn off their lights for one hour in order to protest the delusional ideals of man-made global warming.

For prosperity we have assembled a few selected enlightened comments from the blogosphere:

Whaleoil has eloquently suggested that "Earth Hour can just eff off"
This household will be attempting to maximise its carbon footprint. We will have every light on, the fridge door open the oven on, I'll render a video to make sure my Mac is consuming as much power as possible and use the laptop as well. I will leave the vacuum-cleaner turned on if I can find the on-switch...not really familiar with that piece of machinery. The stereo and the tv will be on, as well I think I'll leave the lawn mower running for an hour and the cars all idling.

This is a crock of shit made to make us feel guilty, well I won't play and I'll screw up the rest of the neighborhood who does.

It is a pointless exercise in mass guilt that has already been negated by the Victorian bush fires, any currently active volcano, plus the new one in Tonga many, many times over.

You can shove your hour of the lights off up your collective asses.
Not PC gives us something thoughtful to keep in mind during ‘Earth Hour’
If economic prosperity is “environmentally unfriendly,” then all the better for economic decline (those enthusiasts presumably think). If we are restricted to using energy that is untried, uneconomic, and unsuccessful at producing energy in the quantities that economic prosperity requires, then economic decline is certain.

If our industrial emissions are “capped,” then our arrival in the economic abyss is assured.

Keep this in mind during the nonsense of ‘Earth Hour’ this weekend, as you celebrate the fruits of the Industrial Revolution while all around you the Luddites are huddling around candles -- that the goal of environmentalists is not prosperity, but its opposite: poverty.
RoarPrawn doesn't think its a bright idea:
Up Earth Hour we say. Bugger the hemp undy wearing wankers - we are gonna turn on our lights too.
Save The Humans exposes the waste of central and local government resources:
"Isn't is disgraceful that the Christchurch City Council feels it has funds to splash around for this pointless exercise in environmentalist hand-wringing? The CCC is not the only culprit.
This comes from the idea that councils tell us what to do, instead of vice versa. Council's are captured by silly interest groups like the WWF, which now seems to do little else than bang on about global warming. Council staff no doubt spend hours if not days in meetings at ratepayers' expense, talking and planning all this rubbish.

Worse, a google search shows some 6000 hits for earth hour in the NZ government domain, which includes central government and councils.
We wish you a fun, thoughtful and productive "Edison Hour"

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