Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is this the worst hotel in the world?

We see that the iconic Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is featured in today's Sunday Herald.

The hotel's extreme honesty publicity campaign has created some classic marketing material and has made this establishment world revered. It takes a special accommodation provider to advertise its point of difference as being; "The worst hotel in the world".

In our quest to inspire others, we featured this property HERE by suggesting that fellow moteliers emulate the Hans Brinkler and ...offer less! The video is very good.

We also suggested in our post HERE that fellow moteliers emulate Hans Brinkler and get into the "environmental responsibility" caper to satisfy the throngs of environmentally conscious guests, wringing their hands and craving to save the planet during their stay. The video is compulsory watching from a hotel "that is leading the the world in it's eco-commitment".

In an environment where the accommodation industry can some times take itself a little too seriously, we like Hans Brinkler's style and injection of humor.

For further inspiration, some of their more memorable advertising is reproduced below:

In marketing, never forget to state the obvious

With accommodation, we are selling an "experience" - Looks like he has had a memorable stay

Cleaning standards are consistently the number one consideration with guests

We like the Accidentally Eco-Friendly byline. By offering guests less you can save the planet!

 The obligatory vinyl mattress - Ewww!
 Ah, that classic accommodation icon - the pubic hair in the shower waste

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