Sunday, May 16, 2010


Busted Blonde who is behind the popular Roarprawn blog published a post recently about "the antics of the attention seeking bevy of mistresses who are milking the Tiger phenomenon - for all its worth". She outlined her own helpful guide for mistresses and titled the post "Mistressology".

Busted Blonde is now being cyber-stalked from the UK by a Ms. Kala Elliot that claims to have ownership of the Trademark term Mistressology and has launched a spate of threatening emails demanding that the post be removed. She has also whinged to and Google demanding action.

Ms. Kala Elliot has overestimated the legitimacy of her cause and underestimated the abilities and influence of her target. She also didn't count on the fact that Kiwi bloggers tend to stick together and don't appreciate bully tactics from overinflated pommy authoritarians trying to restrict freedom of speech.

Ms. Kala Elliot is about to learn a valuable lesson in who not to pick a fight with and the power of Kiwi social media commentators. If you type in the term Mistressology into Google you used to get Ms. Kala Elliot's Mistressology blog in a prominent position in search results - now you don't!

After hearing about the harassment that Busted Blonde was receiving, a few fellow bloggers joined in with a bit of cyber-justice. Suddenly Ms. Kala Elliot's Mistressology blog has been buried into insignificance on Google beneath numerous Kiwi blog posts such as this one.

Google tends to be very kind to blog posts with their rankings as their content is deemed to be relevant and timely, so we urge you to create your own blog post using the term Mistressology. If you use the word, Mistressology regularly in your post, the Google search term of Mistressology will bury Ms. Kala Elliot's blog even further into the darkness of cyberspace.

A rather harsh, but valuable lesson...

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