Thursday, March 31, 2011

Motel Toilet Paper

We have been a wee bit lax in posting lately - the day job needed some attention this week, however we are slowly getting back on top and intend to make up for a few days of digital inactivity with a post on ...toilet paper.

It's a topic that has has intrigue and the basis of great debate. 
As a social service, we have previously answered that age-old question "which way should you hang the toilet paper?" Is it against the wall or away from the wall? The correct answer that is well known by accommodation providers worldwide.

In our post HERE you'll discover why it's away from the wall! 

After extensive research we have also previously answered that other question that have intrigued guests staying in commercial accommodation over the years: "why do hotels and motels form a V in the toilet roll?" 

All the detailed answers are in our post HERE. 

It's our humble opinion that the value that guests' place on the toilet paper placed in guest-rooms is often underestimated by accommodation providers. It's about time the mundane task of using this essential item is made to be a bit more fun and elightened accommodation owners should be leading the way.

I think creative people have a lot of energy, and when we are in the bathroom, there usually isn’t anything particularly interesting to keep our attention, so when someone does something fun with toilet paper, it entertains us, and that is all we need to make us smile.

People usually feel strongly about the kind of toilet paper they like to use. Some people prefer the super cozy soft kind, while others go for the most inexpensive toilet paper since it’s just getting flushed away. Regardless of what kind you prefer, I hope you will enjoy checking out these entertaining toilet paper designs that will be soon added to motel/hotel guest rooms:

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