Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Last Post

A candid pic from last night's Motella Xmas Party

So what's happening with the blog?

Have the writers become distracted? Has the blog run its course? Have we finally stuttered to an inevitable end?.....Maybe.

After a rapturous Xmas party last night celebrating an eventful year, the Motella secret lair now has an eerie silence.

We are about to lock-up and turn off the lights on this blog while we concentrate on the day-job that's about to get chaotic.

If you get bored or require some maternal guidance, there's over 1,700 posts to read in the "Blog Archive" section.

May you get what you deserve....have a profitable and joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!
"The best aspect of Christmas is that Christmas has been commercialized. The gift buying stimulates an enormous outpouring of ingenuity in the creation of products devoted to a single purpose: to give men pleasure. And the street decorations put up by departments stores and other institutions—the Christmas trees, the winking lights, the glittering colors—provide the city with a spectacular display, which only 'commercial greed' could afford to give us. One would have to be terribly depressed to resist the wonderful gaiety of that spectacle."
Ayn Rand

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