Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bizarre discoveries in Tauranga motels

We have a busy week ahead of us at the motel as the pace quickly changes from the demands of Labour Weekend leisure guests back to our regular corporates.

While we focus on the day job, we will instigate the fine art of cut-and-paste with some lazy blogging...

The following excerpts are from an article that appeared in the Bay of Plenty Times over the weekend. Reporter Jamie Morton spent a bit of time phoning around various hotels and motels in Tauranga and came up with some great examples of items guests leave behind:
"One hotel manager, who did not want to be named, listed sex toys, adult DVDs and erotic body paint among her strangest finds. She said one particular guest had to make an awkward phone call to reception after leaving behind a whip.

"He said: 'I was staying in an apartment and I left behind a ...' and I spared him having to explain and said, 'oh yes, I know what you left behind'.

And then there was the time she thought she'd found a guest hanging in the shower - but was then relieved to see it was just a left-behind wetsuit.

Another motelier recalled one guest at another Tauranga motel who discarded his family when he leapt out a rear window to escape police: "but all we get are phone chargers, pillows and G-strings."

Athol Potterill of Macy's Motor Inn and Conference Centre had also had run-ins with body paint - but not the naughty kind.

"We sometimes get bodybuilders staying for the body sculpting event in Tauranga who leave yellow paint all over the sheets."

A ring around of motels and hotels found cellphone chargers were by far the most common item left behind.

Mount Maunganui's Oceanside Resort and Twin Towers has a bag full of them in its lost property cupboard, along with shoes, wine, nail polish, baby oil, underwear, jewellery, a sugar jar and a rubber duck.

Resort marketing manager Vanessa Gillard said a wedding veil and wedding rings had also been found. 

Sebel Hotel manager Gary Dickman said expensive rings and large amounts of cash were sometimes left in hotel safe boxes. One guest somehow managed to forget $10,000 - but collected it quickly.

Mr Dickman's favourite tale was of a 7-year-old girl from a wealthy Monaco family.

"They were here buying an expensive boat and she forgot to take her little teddy bear. I couriered it all the way back to her and then later I got a very nice card that Christmas."
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