Thursday, October 21, 2010 Is Getting Social

We are interested to read that have finally conceded what we knew for some time. have finally admitted that they will be adding  the ability for customers to post user reviews on their popular accommodation reselling website.

It hardly seems news when we all knew it was going to eventually happen, however it will be interesting to see what's guest review platform will look like. With the advantage of allowing other OTAs to lead in this area, will take guest feedback to another level? Sometimes launching a service last can have its advantages...

Australian owned, is consistently amongst the most popular accommodation websites visited by Kiwis and once user reviews are added, this will provide a substantial stream of online accommodation feedback. 

In anticipation, we see that accommodation providers have three choices:

1) Emulate Paul Henry and "start a group"

A good start would be join "Motelier Reviews" on Facebook that is hosted by a disgruntled motelier that doesn't particularly appreciate the concept of online review platforms including those hosted by Jasons Travel Media and AA Travel.  

TripAdvisor gets special mention on the "Motelier Reviews" Facebook bio:
"I hate Trip Advisor. They have no proof of reviewer content.
It is the most defamatory website on the planet.
Imagine saying you worked for Trip Advisor - how embarrassing !!!
I score you 0/10 Trip Advisor."
2) Rate them before they rate you!

Here's a nifty idea for an apprehensive accommodation provider. Why not rate before their guests rate you. The website Product Review describes themselves as Australia's first and most comprehensive consumer opinion site were people can rate and review products and services. The comments and ratings of make interesting reading.

3) Embrace it!

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