Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Motel Style Gardening

It may come as a surprise to our loyal readers that in spite of my tendency to mock rabid environmentalists,  I am a keen gardener. Unusually for a motel we have large park-like grounds to maintain and I take pride in keeping nature under strict control.

It was a fantastic day here today at Motella HQ so I frogmarched my son away from his electronic world and made a dash for the outdoors leaving Mrs Motella to look after the motel reception. There was a list of gardening jobs that have been accumulating around the motel and with Christmas looming today was the perfect opportunity. 

There is nothing like the smell and sound of a 2-stroke motor interacting with the great wilderness. First was the chainsaw, followed by the hedge trimmer with my son in tow collecting the defloration behind me. The final flourish of the leaf-blower ensured all that unsightly small organic matter was whisked away from sight. 

As the blue smoke cleared, copious weedkiller was liberally applied to finish off any remaining unsightly greenery appearing in unwanted places.

Order has now been restored and once again man has triumphed over nature.

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