Friday, December 24, 2010

What Is Social Media Now?

Just when you thought that this year has had enough mind-blowing social media presentations, you'll be pleased that they've managed to squeeze-in one more...

Below is an updated version that provides convincing reasons why 2011 is destined to be the year where social media will play a greater role in sharing ideas and influencing change. 

Social media is an evolving science and many tourism businesses will be trying to figure out how to effectively use this medium in order to successfully connect with punters.

Just how much time and resource should business operators be spending on social media?

Getting the moving target of social media etiquette wrong has its consequences and the public are quickly turned off with obvious ploys to sell.

Will 2011 will be the year where many tourism businesses add to the noise on social networks while trying to figure out how this medium can give measurable returns... or will the proven benefits of mainstream media shine through?

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