Friday, June 3, 2011

Air New Zealand's New Uniforms

We have long had a fetish for airline uniforms, so it was with great excitement when we saw that Air New Zealand have finally started issuing their long awaited new corporate wardrobe.

We see that larger-than-life designer Trelise Cooper has been used to design and help roll out the new uniforms that commenced with overseas cabin crews from 30 May.

"Colours of New Zealand" have been used in the accent garments with cartoonish bold Kiwiana prints of koru, fauna, clouds, wings and the Air NZ brand.  The accent of Godzone Green is our least favourite colour and will be used by ground staff. The controversial Twilight Pink accent colour will be used by cabin crew that includes the trolly-dolly shock-frock that will pose a challenge for fuller figured body shapes. We are pleased that our favorite accent colour, Teal (Blue of the Sky and the Sea) will anchor the airline back to its roots and this will be worn by ground and in-flight managers. 

As always, most comments and controversy will be directed at the woman's attire. I am unsure about the woman's hats as they look to me like a baggy French berets and while I like the Thunderbird-inspired insignia, I prefer the military-style hat of the previous Zambesi design. 

Most comments will be reserved for the busy patterned Barbie-pink uniform that I hope the subtle interior lighting in the new fleet of 777-300 aircraft will tone down somewhat. The darker hued gay male trolly-dollies on the other hand will look fabulous in their dark pin-stripped attire accessorised with pink accents.

Travel is about self indulgent fun, the allure of the exotic and the promise of sex. The uniforms are an important part of this theatre and add to the desirability and excitement of travel. We like that.

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