Monday, June 6, 2011

Car Passion

As someone in the business of hosting travellers, out of blatant self-interest I've often thought that there is a need for a campaign to get the public passionate about cars again. We need them to fall in love with steel objects of desire, get behind the wheel more and enjoy the journey...

The AA touched on this theme last year with their tactical domestic tourism campaign, Great Kiwi Road Trips. It is ironic that many car companies that should be promoting car-passion are in fact feminising their brands with political correctness. 

The car is the ultimate prize of commercialism, we need to rid ourselves of senseless guilt and celebrate the benefits of living in a modern, mobile society while burning carbon.

Cars are a magical combination of ego, beauty, sex, form and function AND as an added bonus, cars happen to carry 99.9% of guests to the doorstep of my motel where I have the opportunity to sell them a room! 

For someone that suffers from an the affliction of SPS, my personal must-haves in a car are relatively simple:
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Large wide wheels
  • Twin exhausts the size a drainpipes that extract copious amounts of carbon
  • 8-throbbing cylinders
  • Sue Kedgley would want to ban it!
After a long emotional and mystical journey, I've managed to tick all of the above boxes and are excitedly awaiting the delivery of the new Motella-mobile later this week!

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