Sunday, December 23, 2012

Celebrating Christmas

I see that many folk are adopting the default scornful stance on Christmas with many bemoaning the intensity and commercialisation. I on the other hand look forward to Christmas and enjoy the edge of this time of year and the opportunities it brings.

The quaint mystical significance is somewhat lost on me, however Christmas gives me a point in time when "stuff has to be completed by" and jolts sleepy consumers into action.

The insightful words of Ayn Rand capitulates Christmas for me:
"The best aspect of Christmas is that Christmas has been commercialized. The gift buying stimulates an enormous outpouring of ingenuity in the creation of products devoted to a single purpose: to give men pleasure. And the street decorations put up by departments stores and other institutions—the Christmas trees, the winking lights, the glittering colors—provide the city with a spectacular display, which only 'commercial greed' could afford to give us. One would have to be terribly depressed to resist the wonderful gaiety of that spectacle."
I welcome the free-spirited orgy of capitalism at this time of year and particularly appreciate anything that extracts people out of their usual mundane going on holiday...and staying at a motel or two along the way!

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