Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tourism Priorities

After a brief absence enjoying the sunlight away from the Motella Lair, I've returned to familiar surroundings in preparation for the looming madness that is Xmas and New Year.

Tourism New Zealand's Chief Executive, Kevin Bowler has also been travelling around the country. Attendees to "stakeholder" sessions in the main centres were privy to Kevin's thoughts on what TNZ's priorities are likely to be over the next three years.

Most moteliers are too busy in their businesses to spend much time processing utterings from TNZ - so not many would have attended the presentations.

Luckily for busy moteliers, I'm able to give a brief overview of the presentation:
  • More Aussies and Chinese / Less of the rest
  • More Hobbits
  • More Social Media 
  • More Digital Channels - ie: is going mobile
  • More Maori Culture
  • Continued evolution of 100% Pure
For those that wish to view the long-winded version of the above points via a power-point presentation, Click HERE.

So what about Qualmark? 

Does anyone know why New Zealand's official quality assurance organisation has been conspicuously left off TNZ's vision for the future?

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