Saturday, August 3, 2013


I see that Sky TV have generously produced and are currently screening a new commercial for the Motel Association of NZ (MANZ).

If you follow the money, Sky's motivation to appear to be the good-guy is fairly obvious. The enhanced commercial relationship with MANZ will assist Sky solidify their strong position as a monopoly provider for motels. In particular, this will also support Sky's efforts to divide-and-conquer the motel industry with the roll-out of their outrageously expensive Guest Select product.

The 15 second television commercial crams-in a lot of messages. It promotes the generic concept of motels and directs viewers to engage with MANZ members via a revamped website portal that can be used for direct online bookings.

MANZ may also be encouraging a higher level of customer feedback by standing behind their brand and assuring a level of customer satisfaction.

Overall the commercial does a great job...but nothing comes for free.

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