Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Taunting Travellers by Twitter

I'm guessing that the person behind the fake Twitter site, @unitedairlanes has been frustrated and left scarred after doing time in the travel industry.

What better way to poke fun and inflict revenge on all those pesky whinging and whining travellers, than to set up a parody account that relies upon a stream of regular customer dissatisfaction with a major American airline.... then, sit back and start taunting angry, gullible customers by mocking and ridiculing them.

Sounds like some great therapy for anyone that is in the front line and regually grits their teeth while experiencing the sometimes rude and bizarre behavior of the travelling public ;-)
"Thinking they were contacting United Airlines, which has the Twitter handle @united, the passengers were left gobsmacked by the replies from the spoof account.

The lesson here: make sure you go via the airline's official communication channels!

Here are some examples: "

Source: Click HERE

And of course any post about United Airlines and social media, we'd be remiss not to mention the viral media-storm that occurred after a passenger witnessed the special care and attention of their ground crew:

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