Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Coral Court Motel

You can’t beat the Coral Court Motel for classic
"No Tell Motel" Americana!

Just before the motel opened, in 1940, J. Edgar Hoover called for an investigation of all motor courts, alleging their
connection with drugs, desperadoes, and declining moral values.

I was born in the wrong era!

"The Coral Court is the not only a stunning example of
architecture worthy of preservation but for generations of travelers, it remains a bastion of hospitality that has evolved into a venerable Route 66 icon.

Those of us who value Coral Court remember all the cars filled with weary souls cruising by gleaming tile walls. We see shadowy shapes behind glass block windows and a big lighted sign acting as a beacon for so many. We hear the laughter of the children playing beneath the shade trees.

Tourists, salesmen, honeymooners, and road warriors of every description found refuge at the Coral Court. Just after the motor court opened in 1941, young men going off to war stayed there with wives and sweethearts. Some of those GIs never returned. There are women whose hair has grown gray that recall every detail of that last night spent with their young man - wrapped in each others arms with only the sound of passing traffic on the Mother Road to serenade them.

To all of those people and for so many, many more, Coral Court is a special place - an extra special place."

Michael Wallis
Author of Route 66: The Mother Road

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