Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sci-Fi Surcharge No Match for the Sun

SOLO-NZ Press Release
August 25, 2008

"Our decaying, corrupt Labour Party's last gasp, with any luck, will be their 'Emissions Trading Scheme,' says SOLO spokesman Greg Davis.

"For this crackpot scheme to proceed they await Winston Peters' tinpot, populist NZ First Party's parliamentary votes.

"Clark has talked tough on 'climate change,' her only religion, and had her Rudd-awakening from the other equally gullible Labour Prime Minister in Oz.

"She's taking a gamble which will prove her downfall. Londoners were not fooled — Ken Livingstone's measures in the name of combatting 'climate change' assured his exit.

"Warmists (along with the productive intelligent populace) will be forced to put our money where their mouth is, if this 'Emissions Trading Scheme' is enacted. It is being sold by the Greens' leader with the bribe of a monstrous money-go-round to compensate her voting block with rebates for foreseen increased energy charges.

"Well, that's great news, isn't it kids?

"The consequences of the scheme are more alarming than the 'climate change' scares we daily endure. All legislation based on the false premise of human-caused planetary warming is a crock. The government is acting on long-discredited science from the nineties.

"They'll force up all prices – you'll pay out more money – and they'll pass some of it back your way.

"If you believe putting more money with the government will help the planet, you surely have a death-wish. Like other government regulations it will cause a multitude of adverse effects.

"The end result of this emissions scheme will not be a healthier planet. Humanity has insignificant impact on average global temperature. Trillions of dollars are no match for the sun.

"Only profits generated by productive enterprise have a hope of success as a remedy to real pollution. Instead the government intends to knee-cap business with a sci-fi surcharge.

"Only a resounding electoral message sent back to these parliamentarians may persuade the equally catastrophic National party to rescind the bill,” Davis concludes.

Greg Davis

SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists)

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