Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A New Dodgy Business Guide?

We have posted before about the dodgy activities of National Business Online (NBO) Here and and NZ Look HERE.

Until recently, both web-based directories were offering listings of dubious value and using questionable sales techniques.

Interestingly, we received an unsolicited phone call from a new business directory called The MO turned out to be surprisingly familiar...

We were rung by Tania and offered to "renew" our listing in an online business directory - I know very well that we have never had a listing with them and when pushed Tania admitted that they had kindly given me a free listing that had come up for renewal.  Funnily enough, there is no listing for our business on their website, however as an "existing customer" I was offered to renew my listing for the knock-down price of $99.00 for a 2-year subscription. There was no time to waste and I was given until midday to sign-up. 

The high pressure sales pitch is performed by a pleasant lady that has a full grasp of the English language. This is a pleasant change from having to endure the exotic dialects commonly used by pro-forma sales staff.

Soon after hanging up the phone, the sting arrives in the form of a fax that invites us to complete, sign and fax back to secure our listing:

U ASK Now Listing Form 2010                                                              
Much like NBO and NZ Look, the sales technique appears to be a well worn tactic that dupes and pressures business operators into believing that they, other staff members or previous owners have subscribed to a directory listing. The listing benefit is dubious and the long term objectives for the company appear to be questionable.

Needless to say that we will not be subscribing to the directory.

We suggest that you head over to our good friends at the NZ Scams To Avoid Blog that have reason to believe that are being operated by the same scamsters that were behind the dodgy (and now defunct) National Business Online (NBO) and NZ Look.

If you have signed-up and paid-up $99.00 for a directory listing, we would be interested to hear from you.

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