Wednesday, November 26, 2008

NZ Look

We have posted about the activities of National Business Online (NBO) before - click Here.

Today we received a phone call from NZ Look, a similar organisation that appears to be using the same sales techniques as NBO. There also appears to be other connections between the two organisations (see links below).

An unsolicited phone call from NZ Look, makes an offer to "renew" our listing in their business directory. I know very well that we have never had a listing with them before. As an "existing customer" I was offered to renew and enhance my listing by adding web, email and business description details for $120.00 for the next 2-years. I guess I should be grateful, as this is somewhat cheaper than the $150.00 offer from NBO.

This time the sales pitch is performed by a charming lady that has a full grasp of the English language. This is a pleasant change from having to endure the exotic dialects commonly used by other call centre staff. Surprisingly the renewal needs to be confirmed by this afternoon. Oh the pressure!

Soon after hanging up the phone, the sting arrives in the form of a fax that invites us to complete, sign and fax back to secure listing details.

Much like NBO, this appears to be is a well worn tactic that dupes and pressures business operators into believing that they, other staff members or previous owners have subscribed to a directory listing. The listing benefit is dubious and the objectives for the company appears to be questionable.

We will not be subscribing to the NZ Look directory and after clicking on the following links below, we advise you to do the same...

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