Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Injunction allows police to watch cameras in ‘hot sheet motel’

Just to clarify - Houston is in America NOT in Russia.

Gotta love that term "Hot sheet motel"

January 12 2009
11 News
By Lee McGuire

HOUSTON -- The City of Houston has won an injunction against a "hot sheet motel." A spokesman for Mayor Bill White says he expects this is the first of many.

After an injunction issued Friday, the owner of the El Rondo Lodge in Sunnyside has agreed to stop renting rooms by the hour.

Police say young women living nearby complained they had routinely been propositioned for sex. City of Houston attorneys were able to take legal action against the hotel’s operator under the city’s nuisance laws.
To comply with the injunction, the motel will also have to install surveillance cameras in the lobby and in parking lot -- so police can see who is checking in, in real-time.

In addition, guests will have to present government-issued photo ID before entering the building.

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