Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Motella's Road Trip

The Motella and family are packing the car and will be doing our bit for the New Zealand economy by going on holiday!

The motel minders are in place and the v8 is tuned and ready to unashamedly burn fossil fuel to take us to a friendly motel that will be hosting us at the end of our journey.

We have been looking forward to this break away for some time with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Before we return in a weeks time, we will be dropping our son off at his new boarding school away from home.

Our trip home without him will be emotional, but we know that our son has a great attitude and potential to do well without us.

Our son has spent all his life growing up in a motel environment and has observed the noble art of running a business. He has seen the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and the commitment that is required. He has observed how we treat our motel guests and transact with them. Hopefully he has seen the big picture of where money comes from and has appreciated what other children take for granted.

It can sometimes be tough for a child to grow up in a motel, but we know that this experience may help him in some small way to succeed in his new environment and the challenges that lay before him...

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