Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Survey: what makes NZers 'wake up happy' in hotels

Just what we all need...Yet another survey of 500 Kiwis to promote an on-line accommodation business.

Unfortunately, what makes me 'wake up happy' doesn't appear to be mentioned!

Hotels.com survey reveals what makes New Zealanders ‘wake up happy’ in hotels. Kiwis love a comfy mattress, free breakfast and not having to make the bed. Researching online revealed as the most popular way to choose a hotel

Hotels.com, the global hotels specialist, has revealed intriguing insights into New Zealanders’ preferences towards staying in hotels, as well as some of their pet gripes and hotel booking habits. The survey, conducted nationally earlier this month by independent online research company

Pureprofile, coincides with the launch of the new innovative Hotels.com website in New Zealand.

The results, based on the responses of over 500 New Zealanders on booking and staying in hotels, reveal that Kiwis are happiest when hotels do the basics really well: 45 per cent of respondents nominated a comfortable mattress and soft linen as the biggest factor contributing to ‘waking up happy’ in a hotel, followed by a nice view from their room (27 per cent). Others were equally swayed by a good breakfast and the free in-room facilities (14 per cent each).

The biggest gripes most likely to put hotel guests in a bad mood include noise (31 per cent), an uncomfortable bed (26 per cent) and early check-out times (19 per cent). Conversely, the biggest factors which would inspire them to return to a particular hotel include the friendliness and efficiency of the staff (26 per cent) followed closely by the price (23 per cent) and then the hotel’s amenities and facilities (21 per cent).

The poll also reveals the strong migration of New Zealanders toward researching and booking travel online, with 61 per cent of respondents saying that they mostly book their hotels online. Prior to booking, Kiwis turn to the internet for research, with 61 per cent of respondents also saying that online research, including user reviews, photos and virtual tours, influences their hotel booking choice most of all. This is far above receiving recommendations from traditional travel agents, with only five per cent of respondents relying on such advice.

The new Hotels.com New Zealand website provides New Zealand travellers with easy access to over 80,000 hotels around the world, has a local interface including pricing in New Zealand Dollars (or any other currency of choice), and is supported by a local customer service centre available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Travellers are able to search by facilities and hotel star ratings, as well as by specific geographic locations and neighbourhoods, with search results also visually represented on a map of the area considered. Proven to be increasingly important to modern travellers when researching online, customers will also be able to read and post extensive user reviews of hotels.

The new site functionality makes it even easier for both business and leisure travellers to select and book the hotel of their choice through their local Hotels.com site.

Johan Svanstrom, Managing Director Hotels.com Asia Pacific, says, “The newly launched website is part of a worldwide rollout of locally tailored Hotels.com websites and introduces the new Hotels.com ‘Wake up Happy™’ brand positioning.

"'Wake Up Happy' says everything about the service Hotels.com can offer customers and reflects our commitment to understanding what customers want.

“The launch of the Hotels.com New Zealand site marks another significant step for Hotels.com and supports the company’s increased focus on the Asia Pacific region, which offers some of the best value for money hotels in the world.

“Now is a great time for Kiwis to travel closer to home, but lower oil prices should start having a positive impact on airfares to the US and Europe, where excellent deals are also available – yet another reason for

Kiwi travellers to ‘Wake Up Happy’,” Mr Svanstrom concluded.

For great hotel deals and promotions, visit www.hotels.com.

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