Sunday, September 27, 2009

Motel Gardening

I love the start of daylight saving and the promise of warmer climes. Hopefully the longer days ahead with better weather will encourage Kiwis out of hibernation and make them start thinking about taking a road trip...and staying in a few motels along the way.

It was a fantastic day here today so I made a dash for the outdoors while my wife was distracted. There was a list of gardening jobs that have been accumulating around the motel, so today was the perfect opportunity.

There is nothing like the smell and sound of a 2-stroke motor interacting with the great wilderness. First was the chainsaw, followed by the hedge trimmer and then the leaf-blower. 

To finish off any remaining unsightly greenery appearing in unwanted places, 60 litres of weedkiller was liberally applied.

Order has now been restored and once again man has  triumphed over nature.

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