Saturday, November 26, 2011

The New Trend In Travel Accommodation?

The sisterhood have moved out for the weekend in search of shopping opportunities afar, so I'm sole in-charge and having a lazy Saturday enjoying some quiet male fire-gazing time. Luckily my weekend motel guests seem to be reasonably self-sufficient and have not had the urge to ring any bells (so far!).

I've been doing the rounds of the latest blogs and the post of the day that got me thinking was from Kathie Shepherd - an ex-motelier and now a specialist motel broker extraordinaire. Between bouts of facilitating buying and selling the dream of a motel lifestyle,  Kathie has updated her blog with reference to an online article that has highlighted a possible hot new trend in travel accommodation: Garden Camping!

Buoyed by the media that are reporting short term commercial accommodation being hiked skyward in the UK during the forthcoming London Olympics, those quirky Poms are commoditizing and renting out tents pitched in the back yards of domestic dwellings. 

The practice of erecting camping equipment has been occurring in Kiwi backyards for many years to accommodate the hoards of rellies that regularly descend en masse and impose themselves while enjoying a free holiday retreat. Take a drive around any residential street during a long weekend, local event or Xmas/New break and you will see an eclectic array of canvas and caravans occupying many Kiwi back yards.

Watch the trend of Garden Camping to rapidly descend upon New Zealand as Kiwis sniff the opportunity of sending their freeloading rellies packing in favour of fee paying guests!

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