Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Small Town Motels

An interesting newspaper clipping was sent to me. It tells a sad story of an overenthusiastic clipboard carrying council bureaucrat in Wairoa that temporarily banned a local motel from serving meals.

It would appear that a fair chunk of the motel's unique client base willingly stayed at the property because of the meal service on offer. With a stroke of a pen, the council banned the provision of meals and the motel started bleeding business.

The council admitted that it got it wrong and the motel could have supplied meals after all. Unfortunately the damage has been done with many of the motel's guests long-gone. To rub salt in the wound, the Wairoa District Council's Chief Executive had a pithy response:
"I Can't fix that....I can only say I'm sorry."
This is disgusting treatment. A tame lawyer with a bit of time on his hands could have a bit of fun here ripping the council a new one, however with the motel's business heading through the floor, the services probably would have to be offered pro-bono...

To further rub salt in the wound, it would appear that the Wairoa Council's latest rate increases are particularly harsh upon the town's motels, with one motelier claiming his rates would equate to over $1,100.00 per unit compared to the nation's average of $730.

I guess the last thing Wairoa needs at the moment are successful businesses...

"Rates hit for Wairoa moteliers"

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