Sunday, March 22, 2009

Countdown to "Edison Hour"

Further to our post HERE, we note with amusement that there are a few groups forming in opposition to the smug and insidious Earth Hour.

We like "Human Achievement Hour" that advertises itself as "an annual, one hour long holiday recognizing the various achievements of humankind. It was created by policy staff at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Our favorite alternative to "Earth Hour" is "Edison Hour" that has been started by The University of Michigan Students of Objectivism as a global rally on Facebook. They are "asking people across the world to turn ON their lights and join together in a celebration of technology and industrialization". They ask that "for one hour, please use as much power and energy as possible in order to celebrate the advancement of mankind. It's as simple as a flip of the switch."

"Edison Hour" seems like a positive name to us and the celebration of Human achievement is a worthy cause. We will be joining them on March 28th, 2009 at 8pm where we will be TURNING OUR LIGHTS ON!

We intend to bathe our motels in the brightest of white light that our electrical switchboards will allow - You are welcome to join us by clicking the "going" button on the following graphic:

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