Friday, March 13, 2009

I need an iPhone!

Air New Zealand have introduced new technology to allow users with iPhones to download their boarding passes that can be scanned at kiosks or at the boarding gate and keep up to date with flight details.

With 30,000 upwardly mobile Kiwis with an iPhone, Air NZ have captured an important market of high-end users that are finatical about their device and will flock to the new service.

We wonder how and when this technology will be applied to accommodation reservations. 

I've decided that I now need an iPhone!

Media Release
13 March 2009

iPhone users rush to experience Air New Zealand’s new mPass technology

More than 1500 Air New Zealand customers embraced the new mPass for the iPhone in the last seven days as the airline continues to lead the market in providing a user-friendly and time-effective check-in experience to its passengers.

The mPass application was released for download on the Apple Store site late last month and has so far generated considerable interest in the marketplace, being the number one download in the travel category, and the top business application download in all categories (5th overall) for free downloads.

mPass allows users to download their Air New Zealand boarding passes onto their mobile phone as well as view up to date flight booking details. The application removes the need for a paper ticket, and makes it quicker for customers to check-in, by generating a bar code that can be scanned at kiosks or customers can make their way straight to the boarding gate to scan their mPass if they only have carry-on luggage.

Group General Manager Short Haul Airline Bruce Parton said the mPass is just one of the features of the improved domestic check-in experience, that Air New Zealand’s technology-savvy passengers can take advantage of and is encouraging people who have previously flown with other airlines to make the switch to Air New Zealand.

“We are constantly looking at ways to improve our customer experience – from booking through to boarding – meaning that our valued passengers can spend the minimum amount of time possible at the airport and more time living their lives.”

We’ve already welcomed a number of our competitors’ customers, who have literally chopped up their loyalty cards and made the shift to an airline that has no hidden costs, values their frequent travellers and listens to what they want.”

mPass was originally developed for high-end Java based phones with the iPhone version created with an external partner, then adapted by Air New Zealand’s in-house IT Innovations and Ventures team, to appeal to New Zealand’s 30,000 iPhone users.

On a global scale, the technology has so impressed that it was recently used as an “Apple vs Google” case study by information technology research and advisory firm, Gartner Group, at the annual Wireless & Mobile Summit, in Chicago in February.

To download the mPass application onto your iPhone, go to your iTunes store and keyword search ‘Air New Zealand mPass’.

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