Monday, March 30, 2009

Key Blows Hole in Plastic Bag Debate

Common sense returned today when John Key chided his Environment Minister Nick Smith, who had a brain rush and had asked his ministry to investigate a compulsory charge for plastic bags as a deterrent to using them.

The great plastic bag debate has now been buried along with other Nanny State-isms such as compulsory flouro light bulbs and mandatory shower restrictions.

From the New Zealand Herald this evening:

"Mr Key said there was no way he was going to support a charge that was in effect a tax going into the coffers of supermarkets.

"My preference is to find a voluntary and industry-led solution," he said.

"I've made that very clear to the minister."

Asked whether he would preferred to have known in advance about both issues, he replied: "I think it would be more useful if I found out about things before I read about them in the newspaper."
In the future, Mr Smith should check what political party he belongs to and keep his watermelon ideas to himself - Mr Smith, you are the weakest link!

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