Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holiday parks worth $623m a year to NZ economy

Fergus Brown is the long standing and popular CE of the Holiday Accommodation Parks Association of New Zealand (HAPNZ).

HAPNZ seems to be on a roll with its members being positive, united and enjoying a small lift for the 2008 year by increasing guest nights by 60,000 (up 1 percent).

Although we poke fun at caravans etc on our blog, we are admire how the caravan parks/camping grounds sector have been galvanised by strong and professional industry leadership.

The research commissioned by HAPNZ has added value to their membership, help raise profile and makes interesting reading.

Click HERE for the research highlights.

26 March 2009

Holiday parks play a key role in stimulating economic activity at local, regional and national levels, new research shows.

While staying at holiday parks, travellers contribute at least $623 million in direct expenditure and support a wide range of businesses in the community, the research shows. It was commissioned by the Holiday Accommodation Parks Association of New Zealand (HAPNZ) which represents holiday parks around the country.

“There is a perception that travellers who stay at holiday parks might not be worth as much to the economy as those who stay in more expensive accommodation. But this research shows they actually make a large contribution through the amount they spend in the community while they are on holiday,” HAPNZ Chief Executive Fergus Brown says.

Approximately $340 million (55%) of the expenditure by holiday park visitors is contributed by domestic travellers, with the balance of $283 million (45%) by international travellers.

“This means the export earnings of holiday parks are worth more than exports by New Zealand’s mussel industry, the book publishing industry, or the fresh vegetable sector,” Mr Brown says.

The research also highlights that holiday park visitors spend about 18% of their daily expenditure on accommodation costs. The bulk of their spending is spent outside holiday parks in areas such as cafes, restaurants, bars, activities and attractions, shopping and entertainment.

“In addition to this direct expenditure, holiday parks employ more than 2000 people around the country, as well as supporting many local businesses through purchase of supplies, maintenance, and payments for marketing and professional fees,” Mr Brown says.

“The holiday park sector has enjoyed a relatively good summer season, with both New Zealanders and international travellers choosing to stay in our facilities. People are still travelling but they are often choosing cheaper accommodation. This research shows that holiday parks will continue to be a valuable part of the economy.”

Tourism Industry Association New Zealand (TIA) Chief Executive Tim Cossar says the research proves the value of the tourism industry to New Zealand’s economy.

“Holiday parks are a popular accommodation choice and an important sector of New Zealand’s multi-billion dollar tourism industry. Generally owned and operated by New Zealanders, holiday parks are real heartland businesses that offer visitors a genuine Kiwi experience,” Mr Cossar says.

“There are holiday parks in almost every region which employ local people and support local businesses. We expect they will continue to perform relatively strongly in the current economic environment – helping keep people in jobs in a range of sectors, not only tourism.”

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