Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrate Travel

Apparantly it was "Earth Day" yesterday.

As if Earth Hour was not (long) enough, we are now given a whole day to reflect on our guilt of living in a modern society. No I am not going to link to their official rightous website that preaces doom and gloom, claims that the world is nigh and it's all YOUR fault!

There is an irony of the tourism and accommodation businesseses that kneel at the alter of environmentalsm on one hand but in yet encourage mass movement of humankind in order to economically sustain their industry.

The tourism and accommodation industry relies on burning fossil fuel and those businesses that smugly claim to be environmentaly sustainable should only be doing business with those that turn up on bicycles.

Those in the accommodation industry grandstanding their environmental credentials by encouraging guests to reuse towels, restricting water use and sponsoring bewildered Wekas may feel good about themselves, but ultimately the public are aware of the irony and aren't that stupid.

I posted the following video some time ago, however it reflects to me what the tourism and accommodation industry is all about.

It is about the unrestrained joy of travel, to move between borders without impedement or environmental guilt, to sample and interact with different cultures and celebrate the achievements of humankind.

Watch it in "High Definition" turn up the sound and enjoy:

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