Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Government Accommodation Crackdown

New Blog, Kiwi Motel Marketing has posted about a rumor that "Government Departments have been told to limit bookings to 3 and a half or four star Motels?" This has been "reputedly driven by fear of the media as much as the 10% budget cuts many have had."

We have heard similar rumors ourselves, however we believe that 3 and a half to four star quality range was set more so with hotels in mind. This may be a mute point, however it is clear that government is focused on reducing costs and having the appearance of restraint, so five star hotels are now off the menu! Overall this can only be good news for moteliers, however we cynically do not expect to see three and a half to four star rated motels bulging with government officials anytime soon.

As business operators, moteliers will be pleased to see the new rhetoric of restraint in government spending.

Last year under the Clark government, the State Service Commission were investigating ways to reduce government department travel 15 percent by 2010.

Was the Clark government showing concern and proposing to introduce controls on spending taxpayers’ money as carefully as hardworking Kiwi families and businesses?.... well NO!

According to the State Service Commission, there was no acknowledgment that government should be rationalising spending other people's money or reducing the weight of the public sector. Instead, the State Service Commission wished to focus on saving the planet!

Apparently, the enemy of the state was greenhouse gas emissions, that needed to be reduced and sustainable transport practices needed to be accelerated.

It's amazing what a difference an election has made...

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