Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running a business with kids

It's the school holidays! Our daughter is having a break from her local school and our son is home from boarding school - it's good to have a fellow male to supplement the testosterone imbalance in our household.

Sure, it can be sometimes tough raising kids in a motel, but what we can give them is first hand experience in the noble art of running a business. They can see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and the commitment that is required.

They can observe how we treat our guests and transact with them. Hopefully they can see the big picture on where money comes from and appreciate what other children take for granted.

Our motel environment gives our children an education that they will never be taught in school. The socialist creep into our education system does nothing to promote and celebrate the concept of the noble businessman and the virtues of the free market. Schools are unable to effectively teach what qualities an entrepreneur must possess and the risks that they must take to succeed.

Our children are required to contribute in the business and are rewarded for what they achieve. Although they are not always 100% willing to help, we have yet to experience full-on teenage angst, but we are aware that it will come.

Our family recently enjoyed the following video on You Tube. This has become an ongoing gag in our family these holidays:

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