Friday, April 3, 2009

Fush n Chups

I have enjoyed the recent media coverage about Aussie expats who have upset some panty-wetting, over-sensitive Kiwis by comments made on their blog:

Right off the bat we have to tell you that we love their blog!

These cheeky Tasmanians that immigrated to New Zealand have been widely reported in the media as berating Kiwis as bad dressers, have rubbished the biggest city Auckland as "soulless and horrible" and have said the tourist town of Rotorua "absolutely stinks". Who can argue with that!

They also claim pavlova and Phar Lap for Australia, say the beer and meat pies are bad, and describes New Zealanders as "little hobbits in the Shire"...maybe we can argue with that!

What the blog has exposed is that some vocal New Zealanders are too precious, humourless and take themselves too seriously. Anal retentive Kiwis have embarrassed themselves by berating this blog and exposing their own insecurities for all to see. Typically, our tourism bureaucracies have been sucked-in and have played victim by joining the chorus of whining in the media.

I am particularly amused that those dour critics within the tourism industry are unable to comprehend that this blog actually promotes New Zealand. Maybe they don't understand that not all promotion requires a committee and public funding!

Anyone that has taken time to read the blog would quickly learn that these Ozzie scalawags have a great sense of humour, are taking the p*ss and are actually loving their new homeland.

I suggest that the intellegent readers of this blog go to and give our Ozzie cuzzies a bit of friendly trans-tasman stick!

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