Monday, April 5, 2010

Gallop-inn for a Bargin

We were interested to read about the Gallop Inn Motel in Ellerslie that is up for grabs by mortgagee sale.

The fall from grace of any accommodation complex is a depressing sight and frankly it makes us shudder as if receiving news of a dying distant relative.

The 70's complex is made up of four accommodation blocks and an administration block situated on 5530sq m of freehold land.

It's a unique property. Over the years, Ellerslie being close to central Auckland has changed dramatically. Sadly the Gallop Inn Motel has not. The complex appears to now be at the end of its cycle, looking shabby, bleak and unloved.

The life cycle of an accommodation complex can vary according to the quality of the initial development, location, travel trends, guest expectations, frequency of refurbishment and the acumen of management.

We look at the photos of the once proud Gallop Inn Motel and wonder what stories and human emotion lay hidden?

We wonder at what stage did the owners give up on further capital investment? When did the optimism fade and what factors led to this point? To give up on a dream must have been difficult. What personal toll did this take? The worry, anguish, despair, sleepless nights, relationship strains and finally the cold-hard realisation.

Barfoot and Thompson Commercial have a tender campaign closing on April 21. We are curious if new optimism can breathe life into the bones of this bygone thriving business?

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