Thursday, April 15, 2010

Motel Sign Board Fail

We like those old-fashioned motel roadside message boards. It's a concept that has never really caught on in New Zealand and we would like to see them make an appearance more often (sounds like a good idea for a Facebook group?)

There is a risk, that the motel owner may not possess appropriate humour, may struggle with the English language or those mischievous neighborhood kids could easily amend the message;-)

 Er...I'll just have the continental breakfast thanks.

Nothing like some direct marketing.

Yeah, more schoolboy humour.

How do you stand out from the scrum of accommodation providers? Offer a 4-hour "nap" for $25 of course!

Oops! This motel owner has been on the turps again.

Obviously this hotelier is trying to take a positive spin on TV3's Target program.

Should never have hired that Mexican motel manager...

Tiger Woods is a gift that keeps on giving!

Ahhh...a motel sign board we would love to see;-)

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