Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 56.5 percent protest

Feeling a little left out by not taking part in a protest this week?

Are you enviously looking at those cool and windswept Occupy NZ protesters that have incredibly all managed to take time off work to rage about inequality, those nasty corporations and the "99 percent that are having to carry the one percent?” 

While enjoying an early camping holiday, I see that those earnest rag-tag protesting poseurs are manipulating a lot of space on social media platforms (run by corporations), using smartphones, cellphones and computers (made by corporations), encouraging donations to their bank accounts (run by corporations), wearing labeled clothing (made by corporations), parading obscure messages with cardboard signs and posters (made by corporations), screaming into obligatory megaphones (made by corporations), resting in tents and sleeping bags (made by corporations), capturing their protests with cameras and camcorders (made by corporations) and travelling around using cars, trucks, buses, ferries, planes and shoes (ALL made by corporations).  

This would be a great joke if this free hippy-holiday wasn't being subsidised (by you and me).

If you are reading this blog you are more than likely a producer and in the 56.5 percent of new Zealand households that pay net tax, so I'm suggesting that you take part in your own protest this Labour Weekend.

For all those 56.5 percenters that subsidise the other 43.5 percent of New Zealand households, I suggest you have a rest from propping-up others by taking the weekend off. Instead of trespassing and causing an eyesore by erecting tacky canvas habitats; Book into a motel and enjoy a laid back Labour Weekend that will hopefully include a celebrating a sporting win. You deserve it!

Get on-line now - There appears to be many pockets of motel accommodation still available.

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