Thursday, October 13, 2011


I received an email today from a company that appears to have performed the rare feat of a "SMOG"- (Social Media Own Goal).

Up until I received their unsolicited email today, I have never heard of MagMed. Apparently they are a New Zealand company that distributes a quirky selection of "health and well-being products" that include infrared therapy cabins. The bulky cabins that can hold up to four people are "entirely designed and manufactured in Austria and Germany" and are optimistically claimed to provide an array of health benefits. Reading their website, the health benefits supposedly received from sitting in one of their European quality infrared therapy cabins seem almost too good to be true...

The company's directors are against deep sea drilling and we know this as they have decided to use their company's commercial database to bulk send emails to unsuspecting recipients urging them to sign a Greenpeace "petition against deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand's pristine waters."

Why a company would wish to use their commercial database to push a rabid political activist organisation that clothes itself in environmental rhetoric is beyond belief.

I can only speculate that MagMed in lieu of using nasty fossil fuels, are using some form of mystic yogic flying in the process of importing their product from a northern hemisphere manufacturer and distributing to their consumers in New Zealand. 

If you have received the email from them as below, I suggest that you click the "unsubscribe" link just in case the directors of MagMed continue to spam their business database with another one of their naive and deluded political causes.
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