Thursday, October 6, 2011

Motel Room Service

For moteliers, preparing and delivering guests' room service breakfasts happens at one of the busiest times of the day when overnight guests are checking out, awaking guests are discovering diverse reasons to contact reception and the first wave of inward phone calls are being received for the day. 

Moteliers that provide a breakfast service can find the process a stressful juggling exercise, however it is always important to look on the bright side. Breakfasts provide a lucrative added-value sale and it provides another opportunity for the motelier to connect with guests and leave a positive lasting impression.   

Last week I was having a partially busy morning, however all the stress was quickly washed away soon after delivering the last breakfast of the day. I was greeted at a guest room door by a lovely young lady wearing a smile and what appeared to be the world's smallest bath towel. 

I can now appreciate that the multi-task of a guest accepting a breakfast and a morning paper while trying to hold up a bath towel can be a difficult experience - after handing over the aforementioned items time seemed to stand still as the lady's towel dropped to the floor in the awkward process. 

Luckily I was more traumatized than she was...

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