Monday, October 17, 2011

Jasons Respond

Of the two main Travel Media Companies in New Zealand there is only one that moteliers are consistently talking about....Not all comments about Jasons Travel Media are complimentary, however as their multi-media marketing campaign for the 2012 season is being progressively launched this month, moteliers are more than keen to observe and critique - and that's a good thing.

Part of Jasons roll-out this month is the "new and improved" CEO, Kevin Francis.

Kevin has started the job by hitting the road to mingle and listen to feedback from advertisers throughout the country and has as kindly responded to some comments on this blog:
"Thanks for the feedback. It has certainly been a challenging time recently and our changes could both have been communicated and timed better.

As one anonymous reader points out, the format of the guide is different and so the reduction is not the 30% that has been mentioned previously. This is a reflection of a number of factors, including diversification of marketing channels and the financial challenges facing the sector.

Jasons produce over 5.3 million print copies annually and distribute these to over 4,800 points within NZ as well as overseas. Our guides are also ordered online with over 13,000 being sent out last month alone. So I echo the comments that print is still alive and kicking.

Our aim is to deliver the consumer the information they require through all of the channels that they want it and the challenge for us all is to integrate and implement this multi channel model successfully.

I'm currently visiting our clients and channel partners throughout NZ and hosting events in a number of towns and cities to encourage feedback on how we can do better. Next week, I am in Queenstown, Christchurch, Nelson and Wellington.

I acknowledge that Jasons has taken its eye of the ball recently and we'll be striving to do better in the future.

Critical feedback is essential and I encourage any of our clients to contact me directly should they wish to do so.

Kevin Francis
Jasons Travel Media"

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