Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Dramatic Rise Of Online Consumerism

The recently released Nielsen New Zealand Online Retail Report that has been widely reported in the media has given us a snapshot of online consumer behavior in 2012.

Not only are Kiwis browsing online to compare consumer items, they are more able and willing to give their credit card details to an online retailer to close the deal.

The stats that support the increasing trend of online consumerism are impressive and I can't help wondering if the average Kiwi motel is attracting the same dramatic rate of lift that other industry groups are experiencing?
  • 24 per cent, of all online purchases made from New Zealand last year were through foreign-based websites. That was up from 21 per cent in 2010 and 17 per cent in 2009.
  • 50 per cent of Kiwis aged over 18 shop online and they are buying more than before.
  • The number of Kiwis buying six items or more via the internet rose 21 per cent last year.
  • Buying online popularity has doubled in New Zealand since 2004 - as broadband speeds have increased.
  • Travel-related products are by far the most popular purchase online, comprising 44 per cent of all sales. 
  • Of those shopping online, half bought plane tickets and a quarter bought accommodation or hired cars.
  • Air New Zealand's online sales has doubled in the past five years and constituted 40 per cent of all sales.

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