Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's Hiding Under That Motel Bed?

It was a lovely, serene day when the Google camera car breezed past the sleepy Black Stump Motel in April last year.

No one knew
at the time, that under one of the motel's beds was hidden incriminating evidence that could unlock a 21-year-old murder case.

Items discovered in a motel room that the murder victim stayed in for about a week before her death in the central-west of New South Wales, has sparked a second inquest which opened at Tamworth Coroner’s Court yesterday.

"Sergeant Jason Darcy told the court that the motel’s owners found the secret compartment during renovations in February.

It contained a hacksaw blade, a business card for a United Kingdom insurance company, a toilet roll, the butt of a rifle, a package of condoms dating back to the time of Ms Hill’s death, and a used condom."
Ewww! Better check under those motel beds!

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