Wednesday, June 26, 2013

8 Steps to Marketing Success

After a bit of reflective time away from the motel, I've now returned refreshed.

I've been thinking about how multi-media marketing campaigns should be managed and have written a handy check-list:

1. Write Down Your Objectives
Engage your current customers/clients, build brand recognition and exposure.
2. Know Your Target Market
It's always better to be laser focused than a broadly focused.

3. Look at What Your Competition is Doing on Social Media
Gauge what works well and not so well for others. Try and find a new space that no one else is exploiting.

4. What Are You Going to Say?
Develop content that is timely, engaging, entertaining, thought provoking, educational and worthy of sharing on other networks including the MSM.

5. Choose Your Sites
Stake your claim via Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest.

6. Find a Good Support Site
Manage your accounts with free sites such as HootSuite, TweetDeck, SocialOomph, IFTTT and others that allow you to track, search and schedule profile updates on the fly.

7. Create a Form of Measurement
Website/blog hits, likes, comments, messages, leads, etc.

8. P*ss off Family First
Looking for an intolerant, prissy political lobbying organisation that are easy to wind-up? Look no further than Family First that will latch hold of your promotion, be suitably outraged and gift you more publicity than you've ever dreamed of. Refer: Streisand effect.

Tourism New Zealand's latest destination campaign that included a gay marriage competition has followed all of our 8 Steps to Marketing Success :-)
Tourism Board 'wastes taxpayer funds on marriage stunt'
"Family First is slamming the NZ Tourism Board for wasting taxpayer money on a stunt which is politically motivated. It also discriminates against couples who are of the opposite sex.

New Zealand’s tourism promoter is offering to fly two Australians to NZ and pay all ‘wedding’ expenses for them to become the first same-sex couple to wed under the redefinition of marriage laws, which come into effect on August 19.

"The Tourism Board is using a highly controversial law change which was rejected by more than half of NZ’ers to push a political agenda - and using taxpayer funds in the process. It is also disrespectful towards the Australian public who are currently debating the issue," says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

"Not only is the offer discriminatory against a man and a woman who want to marry, but it fails to take in to account Australia’s marriage laws where less than a week ago, attempts to recognise gay couples who tie the knot overseas were shot down in the Australian parliament."

"Did the Tourism Board make a similar offer to prostitutes when the decriminalisation of prostitution happened, or to students when the interest free student loans were introduced, or to families when the Working for Families package was announced?" says Mr McCoskrie.

"The Tourism Board should stick to promoting the country for its scenery and tourist attractions - rather than entering in to the culture war around the definition of marriage."

Family First will write to the Minister of Tourism expressing their concerns. They will also consider laying a complaint with the Human Rights Commission."
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