Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hold Your Breath

I'm receiving a lot of requests to promote various products and services on this blog. Most emails are ignored as they don't interest or amuse me, however an email received today from the bright-young hipsters at caught my eye...

They are making a short film, Hold Your Breath and need your funding help.

I like the Film's synopsis
"This film is about one woman's attempt to make the most of her last two days of freedom.
It’s all about our heroine's desperate adventure to make the most of the little time she has left before she goes to prison for assisting the death of her long-ailing father; we think the story is perfectly aligned with film as a capture format, which is, like our hero, running out of time."
I like that the film will be a road trip with the backdrop of some spectacular South Island scenery - what a great tourism destination promotion!

I like that the film will be funded by donations and crowdsourcing.

I like that the liberal elite at the NZ Film Commission have not tainted this project.   

Go to it! Check out the PledgeMe website to claim your stake in this slice of Kiwiana celluloid.

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