Sunday, June 30, 2013

Motel Fraud - The Saga Continues...

I see that another chapter of the convicted fraudster and ex-motel manager, Steven Francis Younger's turbulent life, played out in the New Plymouth District Court on Friday.

It would appear that jail-time has yet again been dodged.

Earlier this year, Younger was bailed to an Auckland address after being convicted of five fraud charges involving more than $50,000 in the New Plymouth District Court.

It was reported that charges included changing the names on cheques paid by sports teams while managing a Taranaki motel and ripping off elderly folk.

Younger initially pleaded not guilty to 16 fraud charges, then changed his pleas to guilty midway through the trial after charges were condensed from 16 to five.

Younger seems to have some extremely passionate support, including persistent blog posters that have made bizarre comments and counter-claims in reaction to our post: HERE.

The Taranaki Daily News reports on Friday's court appearance: 
"Younger's claim that he did not have a problem with gambling - while ploughing $150,000 into the TAB during 12 months with losses of $31,000 - was "nothing short of farcical", the judge said.

While working for Antonio Mews motels, Younger took cheques for his own ends presenting them at the TAB, the judge said.

In a statement to the court, the motel owner said the impact on him was significant. His health suffered.

The failure to settle accounts resulted in loss of business and he had to deal with people searching for Younger to get their money back."
Younger was sentenced to four months community detention with a night-time curfew and 250 hours community work.

It couldn't be confirmed that a final payment of $7000 had reached an elderly victim and Younger has been granted more time to settle the outstanding amount. If this is not not paid within a month a jail term will be considered.

While the courts appear to be showing leniency to Younger to give him the opportunity to pay back money he ripped-off victims, the consequences to date of his numerous premeditated criminal actions and his audacity to drag-out court time by defending the charges appear to be disproportionate and lightweight.

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