Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jasons upload new Love Print video

In a post last month, we asked the question: Has Jasons Travel FAKED Their Latest Campaign?

Well, maybe not intentionally...however the Jasons Love Print multi-media campaign provided a classic SMOG moment that is a valuable lesson for the travel industry when embarking on future campaigns :-)

The "staged" video controversy has been mentioned in a Jasons Travel Media newsletter sent to clients today and we are happy to allow them have the final say:
"In May, we launched a "love print" campaign articulated around a thought-provoking video and an informative website, designed to remind everyone that travellers still rely on print publications when dreaming, planning and booking their travel.

The video showed people picking brochures off a shelf at Auckland Airport, clearing its contents in less than three hours. Of course we staged it (it's an ad!), but the popular blog Motella noted that, if watched frame-by-frame, the video showed two Jasons' staff members picking up brochures, and thus contended that it was false advertising.

This was enough to generate quite a bit of a controversy on the internet, and so we adjusted the video so there was no stopwatch and the fact that it was a staged ad was clearer.

Whether this brochure stand is emptied in a few hours or less than a day, our message is simple and unchanged: Travellers still love print! We have distributed ten million tourism brochures over the last year, so we are well placed to know that Print is very much alive and kicking. Print is not dead; it is simply changing and adapting, and with online and offline integration, print is actually getting more exciting than ever!"

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