Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Couple finds hotel room with a view

Alfred Hitchcock has a lot to answer for!

Ooops! An example of a simple mistake(?) that has turned into a marketing nightmare for a Hollywood hotel.

24 February 2009
Posted by Barbara HijekSouth
Florida Sun Sentinel

Hey, who's looking at me?

And through a peephole!

That's what Amy Cali wondered as she pondered a peephole -- in her hotel room door.

She and her husband Aaron, from Colorado, had ended their Caribbean cruise on Valentine's night at a Quality Inn in Hollywood, Fla.

The next morning, Amy got a disturbing surprise, reports Fox 31.

I noticed a light coming from the hotel door about 3 feet up. I realized it was a peephole. I tried looking out of it and didn't see anything," says Amy.

So, she went outside and looked in.

"You could see the entire hotel room, the bed, bathroom. You could see the entire room. Everything," she says.

It was one of two peepholes on the door. One is handicapped accessible.

The hotel's management says it reviewed 24 hours of surveillance video from the Cali's stay at the hotel.
They say the video showed no one looking in their door.

But we're betting that everyone will start doing peephole checks when they check-in.

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